Will repellents get an Orange County wild animal out of the attic?

It will depend totally on what Orange County animal you are dealing with and what repellents you try. One of the best repellents against nocturnal animals, like raccoons is a motion activated lighting system, being nocturnal scroungers raccoons do not like being lit up so if every time they move when they come home they are lit up they will probably move on within a couple of days. There are some repellents that will repel some animals but will not work on other animals.

As far as we know and according to the FTC any kind of ultrasonic electronic device is it con, these devices do not work at all and anyone who says they do probably doesn't understand the animal they had to deal with, as in the animal was nomadic and just moved on, it wasn't frightened of the device they spent a lot of money on at all. Before you go spreading whatever it is you have purchased from your local hardware store you really should know exactly what animal you're dealing with and exactly what you expect to achieve, if you are sold mothballs to get rid of squirrels in the fall then if I was you I wouldn't expect anything to happen because no squirrel is going to leave its stash of winter food, without which it will starve to death, because you place a few smelly mothballs in its home.

Also with California animals like squirrels if they have their winter stash inside your attic and you expel them, by maybe using one-way doors, they'll just chew another hole somewhere else because having that food is not an option for them, no food equals no life, there is not much point in being warm and dry if you are starving. The exact reverse applies to other animals, like bats, once the young can fly, which use during the fall, if you live in a cold climate been the odds are the whole colony will migrate to warmer climates, once they are gone that is the time to make sure that when they do return in the spring they cannot get back into your roof.

Right, you have an Orange County critter moved into your attic and she has a litter of young and you have been told by animal control that you can't evict her or harm her. But you still want her gone, what you have to do is wait for the babies to start moving around and that is the point at which you can evict all of them because the mother decides to leave she would take her now mobile babies with her. Once the babies are moving around get up in the attic, install motion activated lights, if you have something that can make noise, like a radio that you can control from downstairs, then add these, you want to make it uncomfortable for her and a well lit noisy place is not what she wants.

The object of the exercise is to let her know that you know she's there and you don't want her there, another thing you can do is every time you go into the attic is to spread some cayenne pepper around, but do not put it near the babies.

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