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We are Orange County Wildlife, and we solve conflicts between people and wild animals. From squirrels in your attic, to raccoons in your trash, to bats, rats, birds, and snakes, we do it all. We specialize in safe and effective solutions to California critter problems. We service the greater Orange County region, and we offer fast service - we can usually schedule a same-day appointment. Give us a call at 714-408-9588 any time, 24/7, and we will discuss your unique wild animal problem, and give you a free price quote over the phone. We're ready to take your call now!

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Orange County California Wildlife Education: I found a rat in my house - are there more?

Regrettably, rats are not solitary creatures. If you find you have a rat, there may very well be a colony. Colonies are usually started when a male and female rat break away from the pack in order to start their own colony. They are attracted to any warm place that will provide them with a source of food and water. The bad news is, that these can be found in and around our homes.

How to identify the problem
· Rat droppings. This is often one of the first signs that you may have a rat infestation. Rat droppings resemble dark brown grains of rice.
· Grease transfers from their bodies to the area around them. You may find these marks on the walls of your home.
· You may be able to see a rat scurrying around after dark. They will stay out of sight during the day but at night they will need to find food and water.
· Scratching sounds. You should be able to hear the rats at night when it is quiet.
· They leave footprints in dusty areas.
· There might be a rat hole in your wall. Make sure to look behind furniture that is not often moved.

Rats give birth to upwards of seven babies at a time. They can breed multiple times during the year. This means that if the rats in your home go unchecked you might have a massive problem on your hands.

Find the nest.
It is important to search for a nest as soon as you see a rat in your house. There is a possibility that there could be babies in the nest. Once you have removed the nest ensure that you seal off the area and clean it properly.

Rats or mice
Rats are easily distinguishable by their size. They are considerably larger than mice and have much thicker tails. The droppings of a rat will also be substantially larger than that of the mouse. It is critical to determine whether you have a rat or a mouse in order to know what the easiest way would be to get rid of it. E

How to prevent rats from entering your home
· Make sure that there are no openings for them to climb through. Rats can fit through incredibly confined spaces.
· Make sure that there is no food or garbage left out in the open. Rats are omnivores and will eat anything that is found in close proximity. By locking up your garbage cans you can limit the attractiveness of your home.
· If you have firewood stacked in your yard make sure that it is not stacked against a wall. If possible, store it off the ground.
· If you find a nest get rid of it immediately. If there are not already babies in the nest, you might prevent them from being born in your home.
· Do not leave pet food unattended. This is extremely attractive to rats.

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