Top Tips To Get Rid of Orange County Beavers

California beavers are small innocent creatures, but they are terrible diggers and can cause huge damage to any property. Earlier these creatures used to live in wooded forests where they were able to find enough resources for food and shelter, but from past few years, they are shifted to urban areas. Now most homeowners in the United States are in trouble due to these tiny creatures as they cause huge damage to the area within very less time. They not only create tunnels below the ground rather at the same time they cause huge damage to the vegetation and plants as well. If you live in beavers affected area, it is good to make efforts to get rid of these creatures as soon as possible. Below we have highlighted few tips and tricks to deal with these tiny rodents:

Trapping beavers:
Traps are considered as one of the most effective technique to get rid of tiny Orange County beavers from your yard or garden area. Note that these creatures have a small body and appear like rats, so, professionals even advise using the same varieties of traps for beavers that are otherwise used for rats. But beavers are larger in size as compared to rats, so it is important to find larger traps as well. Market these days is loaded with a number of traps that can be used for beavers problem. You can use snap traps and live traps for getting permanent relief from beavers. But before you use them, it is important to understand that snap traps follow inhumane methods to kill beavers; however, in case of live traps, users also need to find a location for releasing beavers out of your property.

Fences around the property:
If you are not able to use traps to deal with California beaver’s problem, it is good to look for the other potential solution. Note that traps are good only if you have few beavers in your area, but in the case of a large group, traps cannot help to capture each one of them. In such situations. another good option to control beaver’s population and make efforts to keep them out of premises by installing fences around the property. But before that, it is important to understand that beavers are great diggers, so they can also find a path to your property below the ground. Hence, it is important to install fences with some length below the ground as well to block the underground path for beavers.

Exclusion funnels for beavers:
When none of these techniques work to deal with Orange County beaver’s problem, the next solution is exclusion funnels. It is recommended by most professionals and can provide you with great results. All that you need to do is locate beaver’s tunnels and install exclusion funnels on one end by keeping other end sealed. The beaver will easily find a path to come out of this funnel, but there is no space to get inside again. Hence, the beaver’s problem can be eliminated permanently.

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