What are some ways to kill an Orange County snake in the yard?

While some people are seeing California snake as a pet animal others are seeing it as a scaring reptile that should be close to them. Those that are scared of snake usually despise it to the extent that they do not always want to see it around them. Some can be friendly to non-venomous snakes, but no one wants to come close to a venomous snake to avoid dangers that follow. These are reasons people usually ask about the ways to kill snakes they found in their yard.

Make use of lethal traps to kill snake in the yard
You have ever opportunity you need to kill an Orange County snake you see around you through several means. But, one of the most effective ways to kill snake in the yard is through lethal trapping. The lethal trap is designed to kill any victim animal that got into it instantly. Though, lethal trapping is a inhumane way to kill snake, but it is the effective way of killing any snake that come anywhere around your yard.

Use garden implement to smack the head of snake in your yard
Finding a California snake around you in the yard can make you jump and run for your life. Also, it can make you start looking for an object you can use to kill it. If you are within your yard or garden you can make use of your garden implement like spade, shovel, digger or others to smack the head of the snake to kill it. Make sure you do not use cutlass to kill a snake as it can put you into more danger.

Poison the snake to death to get rid of it
Most people do not know that an Orange County snake cane be poisoned. Unlike the rat or mice poison, which must ingested before it can work, most of the snake poisons can even kill the snake when it touches the body of the snake.

Shoot snake in your yard using your gun
With your gun you can easily kill any California snake within your yard or garden. You must first of all have good shooting ability or firing arm for you to gun the snake down without missing your target.

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